National Margarita Day Is Saturday; Celebrate at these 5 Mexican Tequila Spots

National Margarita Day
AlamyCelebrate National Margarita Day like this fella.
National Margarita Day is tomorrow. Of course, it's a Saturday, so you'd probably be drinking a margarita anyway.

And what's a margarita without good tequila? In honor of National Margarita Day we're featuring a few places in Mexico where you can check out legitimate tequila production.

1. Tequila Tour on the Tequila Trail

France has the Route de Vin, Alsace, California has Napa, and if you're headed to Mexico, you'll want to head for the Tequila Trail, a region located outside of Guadalajara in Jalisco. There's plenty of tasting and learning to be had. If you want a guided dive into tequila, you may want to consider a guided tour. Check out Experience Tequila's official Tequila Tour, a four-day package tour takes you to plenty of distilleries by day and leaves you plenty of time for tequila drinking at night.

2. Jose Cuervo

If you have good memories of Jose (not everyone does -- not judging) then you can go and visit Mundo Cuervo, the visitor and events center of the brand. Yes, it's so big that it needs a visitor and events center. Here you'll get to explore one of the region's oldest distilleries. You can check out the agave fields with a real jimador. To get here from Guadalajara, you can even take the Jose Cuervo Express Train.

3. Destilería Río de Plata

If you're feeling lazy and don't want to leave Guadalajara, hit up this in-town distillery, which makes Tequilas del Señor. There won't be any agave fields as you're in an urban setting, but there will be plenty of tasting and learning and tasting.

4. Museo del Tequila y el Mezcal

If you want an educational introduction to tequila and mescal (another spirit derive from the agave plant), then hit up the official museum in Mexico City. The top floor has a bar and restaurant where you can put your new knowledge to good use.

5. Siete Leguas

If you've visited Cuervo then you have a taste of large scale production. In the same region you also have Siete Leguas, a much smaller and family run distillery. It happens to be where Patron was originally made.

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