5 Winter Items You Actually Can Pack in Your Carry-On

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Have a snowy getaway planned in the upcoming weeks? Winter is in full swing, and if you have a trip planned for snowy slopes, you've probably started thinking about what you're going to pack. And more importantly, what you're going to pack it in.

One of the keys to having a good winter vacation is having the right gear. And while no airline is going to let you onboard with your skis as a carry-on, there are a few winter items that you can take aboard -- yes, even that snow globe souvenir you've been dying to take home.

1. Ice skates

The TSA allows ice skates as carry-on. Seriously. That being said, most airlines don't specify whether your triple Salchow enablers can come aboard. Falling into the general sports equipment category, as long as they're bagged correctly, they should be allowed. No surprise: if you're on hockey-loving Air Canada they certainly are. But best to call your airline ahead of time and triple check.

2. Umbrella

The weather report seems to always have more than flurries involved this winter. So you may want to take your umbrella. Not a problem, as long as it makes it through TSA inspection. Pro tip: best to leave your umbrella gun at home though. Or at least check it.

3. Wool socks

No limit here, pack that carry-on as full as you possibly can so that your feet stay warm. You might run into problems though if the wool hasn't been sheered from the sheep yet.

4. Sleeping bag

If your outdoor adventures are of the much more adventurous than the usual type -- or you're staying with friends who sometimes skimp on the heat -- you're welcome to take your sleeping bag on board (as long as you can fit it into an appropriately sized carry-on bag). Don't be surprised if you and your sleeping bag get confiscated though if you try to use it as a vehicle to Mile High Club membership.

5. Snow globes

You enjoyed your trip so much that now you want to bring a little memory home. Good luck: the TSA recently announced that it'd stop confiscating all snow globes. But keep one thing in mind: to pass through security, they need to be less than the size of a tennis ball, and fit into the quart-sized plastic bag all your other liquids go into.

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