The Top 10 Vehicles In Video Games

Awesome vehicles aren't just for racing games. Today, we bring you a video of the top 10 video game vehicles in history, from the badass Slicecyle motorcycle from Dead Rising 2 (pictured above) to the cute-yet-lethal karts of Mariokart (three words: spiky blue shell).

From Twisted Metal's creepy, demonic ice cream truck to Starfox's deftly maneuvering Arwing, WatchMojo lists vehicles that range from memorable to certifiably epic.

A couple of disclaimers: the video discounts animals used as vehicles (sorry, Yoshi) and vehicles that did not originate in video games. That doesn't stop this list from featuring some of the most awesome, unique vehicles in visual history-so take a look, and let us know what you think in the comments:

Top 10 Video Game Vehicles
Top 10 Video Game Vehicles

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