Greyhound's 100th Anniversary: 7 Fun Bus Trips to Celebrate It

2014 marks Greyhound's 100th anniversary. Founded in Minnesota in 1914 under the name Mesaba Transportation Company, nowadays you can take Greyhound to more than 3,800 places in the United States, as well as Canada and Mexico. And if you can make your way across the pond, you can even ride Greyhound in the United Kingdom.

In honor of Greyhound's 100 years, we rounded up a few notable bus trips for the road warrior in you.

1. New York to Montreal

Swap out the Big Apple for a weekend of speaking Quebecois. In about 8.5 hours, which you can do over a day or over night, you'll be in Canada. And if you get bored along the way, there are power outlets at every seat so you can plug in your computer and get some work done.

2. Los Angeles to Las Vegas

There's a special Lucky Streak bus that makes the trip to Sin City and back, which means that you can be gambling and drinking one too many cocktails in no time. The only down side? You miss out on the slot machines at Vegas's McCarran International Airport.

3. Chicago to Memphis

In about 10 hours you can go from freezing cold Chicago to Graceland, with absolutely no transfers along the way, giving you enough time make your way through all of Elvis' greatest hits on your iPod.

4. Miami to Atlanta

There's a direct that leaves Miami every day and gets you to Hotlanta in about 14 hours. An entire day spent on a bus? You'll be ready to let loose in Buckhead by the time you arrive.

5. Houston to New Orleans

Hop on a bus at midnight, and wake up in the city of jazz. Get this ticket early enough and you can snag this trip for as low as $10. That leaves plenty of money for buying extra beignets at Cafe du Monde.

6. Los Angeles to Tijuana

Make your way through Southern California all the way across the Mexican border. It's a pretty quick trip, around four hours, which means you could get in a few tacos (or enjoy whatever else Tijuana has to offer) and head back all in the same day.

7. Portland to Portland

Three days, three transfers and you can go from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine, and decide for yourself which one makes the better Portlandia.

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