The Top 10 Glitches in Video Games


Video game glitches have been around for as long as video games themselves. Sometimes they're annoying, sometimes they're hilarious-and occasionally, they're useful. In the video below, WatchMojo brings us a list of the top 10 video game glitches, generated by viewers and the WatchMojo team itself.

They range from creepy (hello, "jumping face" in Call of Duty: Ghosts) to hilarious (an awkwardly out-of-place flying horse in Skyrim), and cover everything from Duck Hunt to current gen games. But they all have one thing in common: they're weirdly loved by the gamers who encounter them. Check out the video and let us know if you agree with the countdown-or if there's another glitch you'd add to the list (personally, I'm pretty bummed that Missingno wasn't included):

Another Top 10 Video Game Glitches
Another Top 10 Video Game Glitches