NYT Declares Winner In Next-Gen Console War


It seems like everyone is taking a side in the debate of Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4, and The New York Times is no exception. The Grey Lady's Molly Wood reviewed both consoles, noting media features, ease of set up, controller features, price points, and overall functionality. She eventually chooses a winner: the PS4.

Oddly, there's no discussion of gameplay or graphics-a subject many gamers have been concerned about-or more technical aspects, such as storage and optical drives. Instead, Wood focuses on the design of both consoles (calling the Xbox One "big, heavy, and kind of ugly") and emphasizing how comfortable the PS4's controller is.

Overall, Wood makes several astute points, but her analysis seems far from in-depth, at least in comparison to many other gaming authorities. At the end of the video, for example, she mentions how neither console is capable of playing previous-gen games, but neglects to mention the likelihood that PS1 and 2 games will be backwards-compatible through Sony's streaming service.

Anyway, check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments:

The Gaming Console Winner
The Gaming Console Winner