Naked Guy In Rust Refuses To Put On Pants

There's a lot of mischief in the indie-survival game Rust, from players bashing each other in the head with rocks to stealing supplies and blowing up shelters. Because it's an open-world forum with little to no rules (except, of course, surviving) there's bound to be a few troublemakers, and recently, IGN discovered a particularly hilarious one: a man (named "Escalados") who simply refuses to put on pants.

"What is going on? Escalados, how are you going to survive so exposed to the world?" asks a bewildered IGN player. The IGN players kindly craft him some pants to put on, but Escalanos simply refuses. Nudity is somewhat expected in Rust-after all, you start off the game completely nude-but it really doesn't take too long to cover yourself up. Watch the hilarious NSFW video below-and let us know in the comments if you've encountered any similar silliness in the game so far:

Naked Man Refuses to Put on Pants in Rust

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