Streets Named After Presidents: By Popularity, Home Prices

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By Cory Hopkins

One of the perks of being president of the United States is that many things are later named in your honor -- schools, libraries, even entire cities. And among the most common things to name after a president are local streets. But unlike the citizens of this country, presidential streets aren't all created equal. Some street names are much more popular than others, and homes on some streets are also much more expensive.

In honor of Presidents Day, Zillow analyzed home values for tens of thousands of homes nationwide located on streets named after presidents to determine which streets had the highest median home values, and also counted which presidential streets had the most homes on them. We found that:

• The most popular presidential street nationwide -- by far -- is named after George Washington. Among homes nationwide located on presidential streets, 12.2 percent are on a street or road named after our first president and the nation's founder.

• While General Washington is the most popular president to name a street after, the most expensive homes have addresses on a street named after President Calvin Coolidge -- who led the nation through the Roaring '20s and oversaw perhaps the largest economic expansion in the country's history. The median value of the more than 17,000 U.S. homes located on a Coolidge street is $176,330, the only presidential street with national median home values higher than the December 2013 national median of $169,100.

• Zillow also examined popularity and home prices on presidential streets for the country's 35 largest metro areas. In 14 of these metros, the most homes were located on a street named after George Washington, including in Cleveland. We wonder if poor Grover is rolling over in his grave about that. The most expensive presidential street at the metro level -- with a median home value of more than $2.4 million -- is named after Martin Van Buren in San Jose.

As a testament to the enduring influence of the presidents, all of the most expensive presidential streets in each of the country's 35 largest metro areas boast median home values greater than the Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI) of the overall metro in which they're located. Want to know which presidential streets are the most popular and expensive in your area? Check out the full list on Zillow Research.


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