What We Want From Halo 5

I was in attendance that Monday morning at E3 2013 when Microsoft was dropping trailer after trailer for what would be their game lineup of 2014. Among them was the first teaserof the next Halo game with a 2014 date to keep me impatiently waiting. Needless to say, I got chills down my spine when that duststorm blew the hood off Master Chief's head to reveal his helmet. Halo is more than a game to me, it was essentially the "hangout spot" for me and my friends in our high school days. But to be completely honest, it has lost a bit of it's flare with me with each installment, and this was happening even before 343 Industries took over development duties.

Like a fanatic to any sort of media, I feel I have the "answers" to rejuvenating the Halo series and giving it that grand spectacle feel it had when it would approach an impending release. These are a few changes that 343 Industries could implement to make Halo 5 once again reign supreme over the FPS genre.

Ending Master Chief's Storyline

Fellow writer Gary Swaby used this point for his Uncharted 4 article, and was criticized by me and people in the comments. This point is way more suitable for a game like Halo where the story isn't so personal to a character like Master Chief. For one, he's a man of few words unlike the mouthy Nathan Drake. Secondly, we've already had a taste of what a Halo game would be like without the Chief, and those turned out fine. At the end of Halo 4, Master Chief essentially lost the closest person to him in Cortana. Seeing as how we got a small glimpse of Master Chief without his helmet, I'm hoping Halo 5 will be his most personal story to date and hopefully wrap up his story in a pleasing way to fans.

New Enemy Type

Let me start by saying, The Prometheans suck. They weren't all that fun to kill and were sort of a hassle to kill. Can't tell you how many time the Promethean Knight pissed me off, on Legendary difficulty might I add. I'm not asking for the Prometheans to be scrapped for good, but many give a better sense of what their end goal is. What if we got to play as one in the campaign like when we played as the Arbiter in Halo 2? Just an idea...

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