The Weekly Countdown: 5 Articles All Job Seekers Should Read

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A few weeks ago I wrote about Richard Bolles' What Color is Your Parachute, questioning its relevance in today's job market. Can a book actually compete with all the constantly updated tools and websites available? I concluded that it has stood the test of time and is particularly helpful for new college graduates and those changing careers.

However, job search is a multi-faceted, dynamic effort requiring a strong overall strategy and razor sharp tools and tactics. It is not a set-it-and-forget-it process. Self-assessments, resumes, cover letters, interviews, networking, blogging, LinkedIn and so many other pieces of your search demand constant tweaks, updates and an occasional complete overhaul.Almost every day I read an article that causes me to question or rethink how I approach my search. Here are five great pieces I found helpful this past week. Enjoy!

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#1 Thing You MUST Say In Your Cover Letter

So simple, so obvious and so overlooked. Careerealism nails it with one simple piece of advice. ALWAYS ask for an interview when closing your cover letter. D'oh! Bet you've forgotten to do that, just like I have. Be direct and clear. Ask. For. An. Interview.

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The Secrets to Career Contentment: Don't Follow Your Passion

Fast Company debunks the oft-repeated "do what you love" advice we've all received countless times. We can't all be rock stars, movie directors and tech giants, can we? Instead they suggest learning to love what you do and offer three additional spot-on tips to "put yourself on the path to professional fulfillment."

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How to Answer the 31 Most Common Interview Questions

Prepping for a big interview? Do not pass go, go directly to The Daily Muse's exhaustive list of perfect responses to the most frequently asked questions. Interviews can be tricky and you should be ready to hit all the softballs out of the park just by taking a quick gander at this article.

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A Guide to the Job Market in 2034

If you're planning ahead, like way ahead, then Mashable has a forecast of the job market in twenty years from now. With many tasks potentially replaced by robots and computers, you need to find a career that outsmarts the bots and keeps the paychecks coming. No time like the present, my friends.

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10 Dating Tips to Apply to Your Next Job Search

The Hired Guns draw a funny and slightly painful set of parallels between looking for your next gig and finding that special someone. The analogy works well and the advice is sound whether you're dating or job hunting. Happy Valentine's Day!

Tell me what worked for you this week? I want YOUR thoughts. Please let me know in comments what websites, blogs, twitter accounts and email newsletters have killer tips and advice. See you next week!
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