Soft Skill: Accepting and Learning From Criticism

Frustrated overloaded senior businessman being furious about work and clinching his teeth, sitting at office desk in front of la

You might remember the first time you were ever truly criticized. Maybe it was at school, during recess, some doofus calling you a dork and lobbing a medicine ball at your head. Maybe one of your siblings regularly tore into you as a kid, causing you to cringe internally even when you get together as adults. Whatever the case, most people are not naturally suited to receiving criticism, whether it's some deep-seated Freudian response or a general species-wide aversion.

At the same time, knowing how to take criticism well is an important quality in an employee, and if you respond to the smallest critique by shutting down (or lobbing a medicine ball at someone's head), you're doing yourself a major disservice. Fortunately, AOL Jobs has rounded up the best posts about receiving criticism from around the web, so take a look. And don't worry: this won't hurt a bit.