Soft Skill: Self-Confidence

scared young woman in bed.

What does confidence look like? If you were to personify it, would it be a smooth greaser dude with slicked-back hair and toxic cologne? Would it jump around and do a funky dance? If you ever questioned its utter certainty, would it challenge you to a high-speed race--possibly in a red hot rod?

Okay, maybe we've just described John Travolta's character in Grease. But true confidence has nothing to do with arrogance; rather, it's a kind of inner radiance that comes out in your every word, every action--every aced interview and nailed presentation. It's an amorphous, almost undefinable quality, but be assured that employers know it when they see it. So put down the hairspray and toss that weird perfume, because AOL Jobs has the best and most comprehensive confidence tips right here.