Looking for Love? The Nine Most Romantic Industries

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It's Valentine's Week and our friends at Career Builder have conducted some scientific research into the frequency of workplace romance broken down by industry. While the workplace remains a reliable (if fraught) place to meet a potential partner, there are some lines of work that are particularly conducive to office romance. Looking for love? Here are the nine industries with the most relationships among co-workers. Can you guess which is number-one? Hint: It's not accounting.

The Nine Most Romantic Industries
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Looking for Love? The Nine Most Romantic Industries

"Business services" usually entail things like HR consultation and on-the-job training. But employees in this industry could also teach you a thing or two about romance. It's a blossoming venue for workplace relationships.

Employees who have dated co-workers: 26 percent

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Turns out life at a hospital is exactly how they make it look on Grey's Anatomy. Stressful situations can bring people closer, and sometimes they bring them very close, indeed.

Employees who have dated co-workers: 32 percent

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If you can build a robot, building a healthy relationship must be simple by comparison. The manufacturing industry is another growing place for office relationships--just be careful when you're making goo-goo eyes at each other, or somebody could lose a finger.

Employees who have dated co-workers: 35 percent

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If proximity breeds romance, that's especially true of the retail industry, where there's no escaping a run-in with your crush (or fling) on the sales floor. Also, some people just look really great in smocks.

Employees who have dated co-workers: 35 percent

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Banks may not get a lot of love these days, but what's going on inside the banks is another story. Financial services brings us to the top five most romantic industries, making it a great place to ask for a loan on someone's heart.

Employees who have dated co-workers: 38 percent

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Usually, the limo driver rolls up the partition to tune out the clients carrying on in back. But is something else going on in the front seat too? The transportation industry provides ample opportunity to start an office romance, whether you're a cab driver or subway conductor, giving whole new meaning to the phrase "tunnel of love."

Employees who have dated co-workers: 42 percent

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I guess it only follows that if you already have massive amounts of data stored on your users and employees, it's that much easier to make an informed choice about who you want to go out with. #datingmyboss

Employees who have dated co-workers: 46 percent

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Sometimes love is described as being like a burst of electricity to the heart, but we didn't think we were supposed to interpret that literally. The utilities sphere is the number-two ranking industry for workplace romances, making it an excellent bet for those looking to hook up.

Employees who have dated co-workers: 51 percent

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Maybe it's something in the coffee. Maybe it's just the fact that when you work at a hotel off-season, people are going to put some of those empty rooms to use. Or maybe bellhop uniforms are just a massive turn-on. Whatever the case, the leisure and hospitality industry comes in at number one--what kind of "hospitality" are we talking about here, guys?

Employees who have dated co-workers: 57 percent

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