How I Learned: The Surprising Danger of Making Assumptions

<b class="credit">Composite by Mariya Pylayev</b>
Composite by Mariya Pylayev

My first career did not begin auspiciously. After generations when a mere college degree was applauded, MBAs had abruptly become all the rage. The cool kids were now freshly B-school'd, devoured Sun Tzu, and spoke only MBA. The rest of us gamely tried to squeeze into this box, struggling to innovate and solve business problems according to formula.

It wasn't that the B-School tribe was smarter. They simply had well-defined tools, while we, the MBA-less, were convinced we were also tool-less.

Fast forward to my second career, this one dominated by technology.

Now, the ruling tribe had data-driven tools. They were scientists. Was I voted off the island?

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