St. Barts: Your Perfect Caribbean Island?

Gustavia, St Bart's, Caribbean

Am I the Caribbean island for you? Read my online dating profile to find out:


Fair warning: I like to play hard to get. Fly into San Juan (2½ hours from Miami) or St Maarten (three hours from Miami) and then hop a puddle jumper. It's a famously white-knuckle landing at my Gustaf III airstrip, so nervous flyers may opt for the ferry from St. Maarten (1 hour).

About Me

I'm a high-maintenance French femme used to nothing but the best -- posh hillside villas with staff; cocktails on the beach at Do Brazil; sumptuous Sunday brunch at Le Toiny -- so don't skimp on the euros. My typical day includes browsing designer boutiques in Gustavia and St. Jean. If I'm feeling adventurous I'll rent a convertible Mini Cooper and drive around the island (it's only 8 miles square), stopping for topless tanning at all 17 beaches along the way.

My Perfect Match

If you're short of a penny, keep walking. My guy needs to have the cash and the cachet to keep up with me and my celeb friends, such as Jay Z and B, David Letterman and Steve Martin. And please speak French -- or at least try to.

My Ideal Date

I'm up for anything -- as long as it involves mega-yachts, Hermes and plenty of fois gras.

Are Kids in My Future?

Mais, non! Children should be seen and not heard (or at the very least in the care of a beautiful Scandinavian au pair.)

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St. Barts: Your Perfect Caribbean Island?

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