Bus Driver Fired After Fight With Teen and Crash Into Parked Cars

If you're a bus driver, crashing into parked cars is bad. Doing so while in a fist fight with a teenaged student is worse. And having the whole thing caught on video translates into losing your job, as Kenosha, Wisc. bus driver Scotty Wells learned, according to WISN-TV.

The alleged incident happened on January 17, according to WDJT-TV. Now the local union is trying to help Wells get his job back, while the teen has been charged with two felonies. Video cameras on the bus caught the altercation between Wells and a Kenosha Tremper High School student.

WISN stated that Wells was making a routine pickup of 30 students at the high school. The driver reportedly told police that he had asked the 15-year-old student in question for his bus pass "for swearing and being disruptive in the past."

The 135-pound boy walked past the driver, then walked back up. He used an expletive toward Wells and then suddenly punched him. "I was mad that he was going to suspend my bus pass, so I got up and punched him in the face," a police report obtained by WISN quoted the boy.

Wells didn't take the attack sitting down. The video shows him hitting the boy in return and then getting up from his seat and repeatedly striking the boy, who has not been named, being a juvenile.

Unfortunately, Wells apparently didn't set a parking break or possibly even take the bus out of gear. As children were shouting, the bus kept lumbering on, running into a car first, pushing it to the side, and then hitting two parked pick-up trucks before coming to a stop. One of the vehicles had people in it, according to WDJT.

As WISN reported, Wells was fired for improper conduct, failure to secure the vehicle, and having a preventable accident.

Police arrested the boy, who has been charged in juvenile court with felony battery to a public transit operator and first-degree recklessly endangering safety.

The boy's mother wanted police to arrest the driver for hitting her son, according to the police report, but prosecutors said that only the boy had acted illegally. He has been released in the custody of his mother until his court date.
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