5 Games To Play Now That Flappy Bird Is Gone

So Flappy Bird is gone. The game was an instant phenomenon, once again proving that the industry has no clue what consumers want, because no one could've predicted this game's rise in popularity. Vietnamese developer Nguyen Ha Dong found runaway success with the app and walked away from all of it for personal reasons in the face of overwhelming internet harassment.

Mobile app stores do not leave success alone. Once someone finds a winning formula, others rush into the breach with their own hastily-developed clones. In Flappy Bird's case, the game is no longer available in any form, so the clones and alternatives are now riding high. They circle the App Store and Google Play like digital hyenas, seeking to pick riches from a still-warm corpse.

But the play is the thing, right? If you didn't download Flappy Bird - or perhaps you're an Android user like me - where do you go to get your Flappy Bird fix now? Join me on a journey into the App Store and Google Play to find a compelling replacement.

Super Ball Juggling

Available on iOS

This is one of Nguyen's other games on the App Store, with similar tap-based gameplay behind it. Instead of guiding a bird through a series of pipes, in Super Ball Juggling you're tasked with keeping two soccer balls in the air ad infinitum. A number of users have migrated to this game with Flappy Bird's de-listing, which is fine because at least the money is still going to the same creator. Go with Super Ball Juggling if you'd like to keep your sketchy feelings to a minimum in your hunt for more Flappy Bird.


Available on iOS/Android

Ironpants is a 100 percent direct clone of Flappy Bird's gameplay, but developer Eduardas Klenauskis actually went the extra mile and created all-new art for the game. You play a pantless superhero named Ironpants (seems backwards) and instead of dodging pipes, you're dodging crates. Of all the clones, this is probably hammered together the best and represents a strong commitment to making a clone. Ironpants has great presentation despite a few bugs. Also, it's on Android too, which instantly makes it better.

Flappy Wings

Available on Android

This is where all pretense of originality gets checked at the door. Flappy Wings is actually called "Flappy Wings - Not Flappy Bird -" so presumably the developer felt some guilt. The bird in Flappy Wings has even less personality than its predecessor; its lone eye is just a single black pixel acting as a window into some dark abyss where originality goes to die. On the bright side, developer Totty Games put a lot of work into those pipes; they're less substantial than the ones in Flappy Bird, but the shading is absolutely top-notch. This isn't even the first Flappy Wings on the Google Play Store as the original has been delisted. This developer just moved into the spot occupied by the older game. Good job, folks...

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