Soft Skill: Positive Attitude

Businessman Midair in a Business Meeting
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People are predisposed to think negatively. It makes sense – when our ancestors were hanging around the jungle, being able to spring into action at the slight sound of a snapping twig was a matter of life or death. It was a great thing then, because their fear and vigilance allowed us to survive into the 21st century. But now that most of us are trying to outrun deadlines instead of fanged beasts, we've come to feel the effects of negativity's close cousins – stress and depression.

One solution to these modern day problems contradicts the worldview of our prehistoric brethren: positive thinking. Studies have shown that positivity, or optimism, is linked to longer life, increased pain tolerance and better overall health. Optimistic people are also able to see the bigger picture, causing them to preform better at work and make better decisions under duress. Ultimately, they make more money and are more likely to get promotions.