Soft Skill: Good Communication

Female executive looking frustrated in an office with her colleagues discussing in the background
Getty Images/Brand X

Human beings are social creatures. Unlike dogs, cats, or goldfish, we have the ability to give voice to our problems and verbally express ourselves when something's not working out. But while we may be communicators, that doesn't mean we're always good ones--if that were the case, no one would ever yell at their siblings, or get into a fight over the last bag of Bugles in the vending machine.

Outside of relationships, there's no place where good communication is more key than the workplace. No, we're not talking about your rambling, typo-ridden emails. An office is a microcosm of larger society, and the status quo of peaceful productivity can be easily disturbed by a few poor judgment calls. But never fear! AOL Jobs is here to help with this comprehensive breakdown of the best communication advice available, so lower your clenched fists, put down the Bugles, and take a look.