Positivity! Give Yourself A Lift and Pass It On [QUOTE CARDS]

Optimism can get a bad rap. Everyone knows a person who brushes off your problems, who tells you as long as the sun is shining and you have your health there's no reason to complain about the crappy thing that happened to you at work. Okay, so a great ball of gas is shooting ultraviolet rays at the Earth and you don't have tuberculosis. What does that have to do with your poor performance review?

This is annoying advice, and while it is a form of optimism, it is the worst kind. True optimists are not necessarily underachievers with a simplistic worldview. They have a mindset that allows them to see past challenges and roadblocks, and to identify solutions, unlike pessimists who buckle under the force of their negative thoughts and are trapped by them. This gives positive thinkers an advantage in the workplace, winning them higher salaries and greater focus.

Check out what some of the most esteemed thinkers and idols have to say about the power of positivity below. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments and share their wisdom on your social media.

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