Oslo Hotel Protests Russia's Anti-Gay Laws with 'Russian Kiss' Music Video

The Thief
During the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, Oslo, Norway hotel The Thief is protesting Russia's anti-gay laws. In addition to greeting guests on the games; opening day, with same-, mixed- and interracial couples, the boutique is screening "Russian Kiss" -- a four-minute music video packed with same-sex couples kissing.

View the video at The Thief's website (NSFW by many U.S. standards -- not for the kissing but rather for the gyrating woman in the sheer top).

From the hotel's website:

From Oslo to Sochi with Love

LGBT -organization and THE THIEF selected the first day of the Olympics to put human rights on the agenda at Tjuvholmen [a neighborhood in Oslo]. When guests arrived at Norway's swankiest hotel, they where greeted by multiple couples – boy and girl, same-sex and interracial supporting of the global #Principle6 campaign. Behind the initiative are the LGBT-organization. Principle 6, a campaign inspired by the values of the Olympic charter, is a way for athletes, fans and global supporters to celebrate the Olympic principle of non-discrimination and speak out against Russia's anti-gay laws before, during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

It's not only in Sochi the Norwegians Marit Bjørgen, Ole Einar Bjørndalen, Ståle Sandbech and Heidi Weng are kicking Russian butt. In the Norwegian capital of Oslo, Russian president Vladimir Putin is being lectured in true Olympic spirit. Norwegian singer Annie and Norwegian visual artist Bjarne Melgaard are the creative collaborators behind "Russian Kiss", a protest song with an unusually catchy beat, accompanied by a video of couples of all sexual orientations making out in succession, in a protest aimed at Russia's anti-gay laws. Inspired by the song, THE THIEF and the national LGBT-organization came up with the idea of using the video in a two-week long protest against Putin.

Again, view the video at The Thief's website.

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