Battlefield 4 Guide: How to Play Commander Mode

From my time playing as a Commander on PS4, I'd say that a good amount of players are overwhelmed, confused, or simply don't know how to play as a Commander in Battlefield 4. It's a shame too, because a good Commander can be a huge, if subtle help to your team, and playing as a Commander is a totally different experience. This guide will tell you how to get started, what to do, and offer strategies on how to push your team to victory.

Commander mode can be played in many ways. Depending on whether you're playing on PC with a mouse, console with a controller, or through the tablet app, the controls are a bit different. I'm not going to go over the specific controls, but I will explain what you have access to.

The first thing to take note of is the left side of the screen, which lists some of your abilities, referred to in-game as assets. You'll always have access to a few core assets, but to unlock better assets like Infantry Scan, Vehicle Scan, and the Cruise Missile, your team will have to capture objectives. You'll aid them in this by providing intel, revealing enemy targets, and even directing squad leaders toward objectives...

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