Bravely Default Beginner's Tips

There are a lot of features in Bravely Default. Here, we break down some useful tips for those starting out, and how to get your own town established.

Jobs and Abilities

Every character starts as a Freelancer, but the further you get into the game, new jobs become available. After each job level increases, it opens new abilities. Each job has certain abilities that only get better as you progress. Use your abilities often-doing so will rank up your job level faster. You can view JP (Job Points) in the character menu. All beginning Freelancers are automatically given the Examiner ability, a useful technique in showing enemies HP, weaknesses and family stats. Additional jobs are also unlocked by defeating bosses, progression in the main story and by completing side quests.

Tutorial Quests

Also worth mentioning is the informative quests known as Tutorial Quests. Here, you can view (from the lower-screen icon) current quests that are available to you. Slide your finger or press Left on the bottom-screen tab for the quest icon below the save cue. Think of these as side chores and practice to help you prepare for everything the game offers. Each time you complete a Tutorial Quest, you're rewarded an item. The quest icon updates frequently throughout the game (and usually opens up new ones after completing each one), so be sure to check it often.

Default Command

Besides your traditional attack, abilities, items and such, two new commands are presented to you early on: Brave and Default. The game shows how this system works. Default simply allows that particular party member an additional turn, puts that character in a defensive state to reduce damage inflicted upon and rewards 1 BP (Brave Points) each time. Think of it as taking a break, banking multiple turns for a character and fueling-up attacks. As of now, you can store to up to three BP in battle.

Brave Command

With all the turns you stored using Default, you can then use them by selecting Brave. This enables you to execute multiple actions in one shot – and setup chains of attacks. It's critical in this game, and you won't succeed without it. Brave will cost you 1 BP for each use. Additionally, setting up a chain attack using these two commands is a difference maker in winning battles with multiple foes (and bosses). For instance, selecting Brave once gives you an additional turn. You can select Brave multiple times each turn depending on how much BP you store. By having three BP stored with a character, you'll be able to attack an enemy four times in one shot.

What are Brave Points (BP)?

Brave Points (BP) are basically your fuel for commanding a character. If you've stored two points, that character is allowed three turns (without going negative). You're automatically rewarded one for each turn. However, if your BP goes negative, that character won't be able to do much of anything, and you'll have to wait until the BP reaches zero again.

Strange Hourglass

The Strange Hourglass brings forth the option of Bravely Second. This allows you to freeze time (by pressing Start) during battle, and automatically grants you a turn. As the game explains, any tactics used during Bravely Second drains your SP (Sleep Points) instead of BP. Like Brave and Default, you aren't capable of using Bravely Second while negative.

What are Sleep Points?

Sleep Points are a unique feature in Bravely Default. As confirmed from Nintendo, you can gain SP by entering your 3DS into Sleep Mode (leave the game and system on, then close the screen). For every eight hours in Sleep Mode, you gain one SP. More so, if you don't feel like waiting, you have the option to use an SP Drink.

OK...What is A Sleep Drink?

An S icon rests on the bottom screen during battle. Touching the icon opens the SP menu. Here, you can purchase SP Drinks that increase SP by three. You won't have to wait that hefty eight hours to gain SP. The catch? SP Drinks are purchased with real currency-real cash in your pocket. We won't encourage you to spend your hard-earned bucks here, but if you're having trouble with a boss, Bravely Second is just an SP Drink away! Do so with your own risk and responsibility.

Hey, Listen!

Airy, Agnès' fairy friend, will give you hints on where to go next in your adventure. If you're not sure what to do, see what she has to say and where to go. Refer to the bottom screen when navigating through the menus.

Asterisks and Commands

Officers of the Eternian Forces hold asterisks that grant you new jobs. Take note there are two types of abilities in a job: Command and Support. Command Abilities can be prompted in battle (like the Martial Arts), while Support can be equipped (like the Knuckle Lore). These have a cost, and you can customize your own fighting style. In essence, these are classes. For example, a Monk class will have Martial Arts, and a White Mage will use White Magic such as Cure.

In order to use magic with an asterisk, you'll need to purchase each corresponding magic scroll at the Magic Shop in Caldisla. Scrolls can be shared with multiple characters, but each one has level limits. You unlock additional support points as you progress further in the storyline.

D's Journal

D's Journal is a massive book consisting of item descriptions, hints, secrets, Bestiary, Combat Bonuses (challenges you can complete in battle for rewards) and more. Take the time to read it, as it will update as you progress.

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