The Weekly Countdown: 5 Articles All Job Seekers Should Read

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My inbox is jammed with newsletters every day. There is so much advice for job hunters and career changers. Separating the good from the bad and the ordinary from the extraordinary is a challenging task. Each week, I want to share a handful of remarkable ideas, strategies and tactics I found helpful, insightful or just plain interesting. Not everything works for everyone and like all advice, take what works for you and ignore the rest. Here we go!

Resumes Pack a Personal Punch With Sumry

Sumry resumes turn the CV on its head
Just out of beta, Sumry is a new service that will walk you step-by-step and build an eye-catching online portfolio that lives not only as a website, but can be downloaded as a PDF and shared via all your social networks. The company puts a new twist on resumes and has a ton of great new features in the pipeline. Mashable has the full lowdown. This isn't for everyone, but if you want to try something completely different, Sumry could be the start of something big for you.

3 Tips To Get Your Resume In The 'Yes' Pile

Careerealism logo
Careerealism is the newsletter that keeps on giving until it hurts. This week my favorite item from them was three rules that will get your resume noticed.

The first is crucial for anyone who applies online. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) parse your CV long before a human actually sees it. Learn how to optimize your resume so you can pass that first hurdle on the way to a new gig.

The other two go in-depth on getting noticed in eight seconds and showing proof statements. Unfortunately, a job seeker's resume tweaks are never done, but Careerealism has you covered.

How to Get Anything You Want in Business (and Maybe Life)

Daily Muse has one word of advice

The Daily Muse offers an incredibly simple piece of advice on how one word could transform a NO into a YES. For anyone who makes cold calls or reaches out with an ask, this is a powerful tool that could be a game changer. I won't ruin the surprise and you will just have to click here.

10 Websites That Will Help You Break Into Freelancing in 2014

Brazen Careerist has the definitive list od freelance websites

If you are ready to jumpstart your own business or want to take the leap into freelancing, Brazen Careerist has the definitive list of 10 websites that can answer all your questions on how to find clients, how much to charge and how to run your own small business.

5 Things to Know About the 2014 Job Market

The Hired Guns logo

The Hired Guns takes the 10,000 foot view of the job market for the next twelve months and predicts it will be a "seller's market." This is great news for job seekers. While the focus of their five macro-trends is geared toward the digital set, much of it could translate to good times for all. Their takeaway, "Keep your skills sharp, your network close, and your metrics handy."

What clicked for you this week? I would love to hear YOUR thoughts. Please let me know in comments what websites, blogs, twitter accounts and email newsletters have killer tips and advice.
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