Landlord: Tenants Get '30 Minutes' Notice of Eviction [Video]

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A TV station in Arkansas has been reporting on how laws there give the advantage to landlords over tenants, but for some landlords, operating within the law doesn't seem enough. As seen in the video below, even a 10-day eviction notice appears to be far too long for landlord Larry Curtis of Clarendon, Ark., a town of about 2,000 residents in the eastern part of the state. "I don't do that," Curtis, who is also the town's barber, tells a KATV reporter. "I give 'em 30 minutes, son."

And a video taken by one of his renters, Christine Clark, apparently shows that in one case he enforced that rule with a two-by-four -- smashing a television and then appearing to strike his soon-to-be-ex-tenant with the lumber when, Clark says, she attempted to rescue some of her family's possessions from a pile of them that Curtis was about to burn. (That's Curtis above, in a screen grab from Clark's video.)

Curtis disputes that account, telling KATV: "She told the judge I hit her in the head with a two-by-four and gave her a concussion. But she didn't have no medical records to show it."

While so many of the reports that you see in the news about landlord-tenant disputes stem from neglect of the property by the landlord or the tenant, the conflict between Curtis and the Clarks is purportedly very personal. Christine Clark alleges that the landlord's grievance with them is about more than having lingered for two days at their rental after getting an eviction notice -- that it was actually about Curtis' interest in raising the Clarks' 9-year-old daughter.

See the TV station's full story, including what happened when the case went before a judge, by clicking on the video below.

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