IQ? No, EQ! Are You An Emotional Genius?

beautiful woman is making twenty different facial expressions
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What is emotional intelligence, anyway? We know it's not the same thing as book smarts; you can memorize the complete works of Homer and still not grasp that the moody-looking guy sitting next to you just doesn't want to hear you recite epic verse all day. Yes, there are different kinds of intelligence, but having a high emotional IQ (known as EQ) is particularly important when you enter the workplace.

But how do you know if you're an emotional genius (hint: if you call yourself an "emotional genius," you probably aren't one) or a total dunce? Don't worry: It's AOL Jobs Week and we're here to help with a handy quiz that will gauge your emotional intelligence and leave you better informed about this slippery, hard-to-define topic. Just click on the arrow below to begin.