IQ? No, EQ! Are You An Emotional Genius?

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What is emotional intelligence, anyway? We know it's not the same thing as book smarts; you can memorize the complete works of Homer and still not grasp that the moody-looking guy sitting next to you just doesn't want to hear you recite epic verse all day. Yes, there are different kinds of intelligence, but having a high emotional IQ (known as EQ) is particularly important when you enter the workplace.

But how do you know if you're an emotional genius (hint: if you call yourself an "emotional genius," you probably aren't one) or a total dunce? Don't worry: It's AOL Jobs Week and we're here to help with a handy quiz that will gauge your emotional intelligence and leave you better informed about this slippery, hard-to-define topic. Just click on the arrow below to begin.

What's Your Emotional IQ?
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IQ? No, EQ! Are You An Emotional Genius?

When you go to a party, you:

A. Find your friends and do some people-watching

B. Mingle and talk to a few strangers

C. Stand by the cheese dip, crying

If you answered:

A. You should try opening up a bit and expanding your horizons

B. You may have high EQ

C. It's okay, we still like you

People with a high level of emotional intelligence enjoy making new acquaintances, and tend to ask a lot of questions. We call them HEPs (Highly Empathetic People), which sounds like some kind of infection, but is actually something positive.

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When you're put in charge of a project, you:

A. Give your friends the easy jobs

B. Demand that your charges all refer to you as "El Fantastico"

C. Get to know your team and listen to their suggestions

If you answered:

A.You're a dictator

B. You're a villain from a '50s cartoon

C. You're enlightened

According to psychologist and author Daniel Goleman, great leaders have a high degree of emotional intelligence. This means not just being ambitious, but understanding the value of the people who help you achieve those ambitions.

It's the last day of an important project. When you get into the office, you:

A. Grab a coffee, chat with the receptionist, and maybe answer a few emails

B. Watch all the puppy videos uploaded to the Internet between last night and this morning

C. Get right down to it, no distractions

If you answered:

A. You're an underachiever

B. You have an acute case of obsessed-with-puppy-itis

C. You know how to focus

Emotionally intelligent people know how to tune out distractions and do what they need to do to get a job done. That's getting harder and harder to do in our texting, tweeting, GIF-ing workplace, making the ability to concentrate more important than ever.

You're walking down the street when you find a briefcase with a million dollars inside. You:

A. Report your discovery to the police

B. Take $1000 out, then report your discovery to the police

C. Grab it and flee the country

If you answered:

A. You have a strong moral center

B. Your moral center may be slightly off-center

C. You should probably change your name and hair color

Moral identity is a key aspect of emotional intelligence; it's the extent to which we want to be perceived as ethical. Yes, there's a difference between wanting to appear ethical and leading a truly moral existence. But it's a start.

It's rush hour and the subway is mobbed. You:

A. Put your head down and turn yourself into a human battering ram

B. Snag the one available seat and start playing Candy Crush

C. Snag the one available seat, then give it up for an old lady with a walker

If you answered:

A. You may be part billy goat; color us impressed

B. You're a New Yorker

C. You're a New Yorker who's originally from Minnesota or something

If you've paused at some point today to help somebody in need, you've displayed emotional intelligence. Human beings live in their own heads, and sometimes it can be hard to look up from your iPhone at the broader world around you. So take a moment to breathe it in, and don't be afraid to be compassionate--Candy Crush can wait.

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The woman who shares your cubicle looks busy, but you really want to talk about last night's episode of Teen Hoarders. You:

A. Launch into a detailed, scene-by-scene analysis

B. Loudly type and hum the Teen Hoarders theme song until she stops and asks what you're doing

C. Leave her alone

If you answered:

A. You should start a TV blog

B. You are a world champion of passive-aggressiveness

C. You have a basic understanding of social cues

If you think you're good at reading people, try taking this quiz. Accurately interpreting emotion from facial expressions is more complicated than it seems, because emotions are complicated, multilayered things. That said, if you see someone with their headphones on, plugging away, your best bet is to leave them alone.

You just had a negative performance review. You:

A. Scream violently and start destroying office furniture

B. Distance yourself from your emotions and try to figure out where you can improve

C. Totally saw this coming

If you answered:

A. You are probably a hero to some of the people sitting nearby

B. You're reflective, but lack foresight

C. You understand exactly why this happened and what you can do to fix it

Emotional intelligence isn't just about understanding those around you--it's about understanding yourself. If you recognize problems as they arise, rather than waiting until it's too late to shift courses, you'll find that you're surprised by things like poor performance reviews less and less.

You just got fired. You:

A. Scream again, continue destroying office furniture

B. Stop eating, bathing, or doing anything except lie around in your bathrobe and watch Netflix

C. Dust yourself off and start polishing your resume

If you answered:

A. The office manager is probably getting sick of ordering new furniture every couple of weeks

B. You should try to find a way to monetize this

C. There is a slight possibility that you're not human, but a robot--a robot with an excellent attitude!

It's okay to be sad when you lose a job, but don't let yourself fall into a pit of total despair. Highly emotional intelligent people know that life is struggle, and you just have to keep going. It's very Zen, in a way.

A giant crab monster attacks your office. You:

A. Finish your current project, back it up, and send it to your supervisor

B. Attempt to lead your co-workers to safety

C. Identify the crab monster's weak spot and take it down using office supplies

If you answered:

A. You have demonstrated superb work ethic

B. You are bold, but reckless

C. You have a real intuitive streak and work well under pressure

Like EQ, intuition is hard to define--you either have it or you don't. But emotionally intelligent people have the ability to respond to information on the fly, and don't waste precious minutes second-guessing themselves when time is of the essence.

You've finished your work, but it's only 2:00. You:

A. Go bowling

B. Stare at your monitor pretending to work, when you're actually listening to Narnia books on tape

C. Figure out where you can be helpful and apply yourself

If you answered:

A. You better not think you're getting reimbursed for that shoe rental

B. Pray that someone with high EQ isn't watching and gazing into your very soul

C. Stop looking at this quiz and go do something!

Self-motivation one of the big pieces of the EQ puzzle. If you work well without constant direction and rarely find yourself trolling Facebook every time you finish a task, you just might have high emotional intelligence.

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