Sony: PS4 Sales "Exceed Expectations," PS3 "Not As Robust"

Sony has apparently increased the sales forecast for its newly launched PlayStation 4. Though Sony didn't offer newly updated figures or blatantly announce an increase in expectations, it can be inferred from comments made by CEO Kaz Hirai during today's earnings call that the company has increased faith in its new console.

Following its earnings report, Sony remained committed to its forecast of a combined 15 million units sold between the PS4 and PS3 for the fiscal year. However, it appears that if Sony were to reach that goal it will be due to an increase in PS4 sales.

Back at the Tokyo Game Show, Andrew House revealed Sony's expectations that five million PS4 consoles would be sold by the end of the fiscal year. That would mean 10 million PS3 units would have to be sold.

During today's conference call, Sony acknowledged that the "PS4 is certainly doing above our expectations," while admitting that PS3 numbers are not as robust as we had originally anticipated." So in order to keep the 15 million combined sales goal, it would mean that Sony would have had to increase PS4 sales expectations, while lowering the PS3 forecast. Or maybe, they expect the PS3 to pick up in sales?

With the PlayStation 4 having already sold 4.2 million (as of Dec. 28), and still due out in Japan later this month, it's not unrealistic to think the system will far exceed the original expectations of five million. Of course, to do so Sony would have to keep the supply up with demand, something they've struggled with since the system's launch in November.

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