Flappy Bird High Score 200 - Plus More Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Score

Yesterday, we marveled at reader Kshitiz Saini's 185-point Flappy Bird score. Today, we tip our caps at Jeapee Labor Cafe, who managed to achieve a Flappy Bird high score of 200. Yes, you read that correctly, 200! Congratulations!

How did he do it? Here are the tips he used to dominate the scoreboard.

-Never get distracted.

-Never move your hands while holding your phone.

-Take a deep breath every time you get nervous.

-Lower the volume to help you concentrate.

-Don't focus on the bird. Focus on the pipe.

-Find a good position while playing. If you get a consecutive high score, remain in that position, but if you get a low score, change your position. It's up to you if you're going to sit, lay, etc. As long as you're comfortable, then surely you will get a good score.

Sounds like a plan for success. That said, here are some more Flappy Bird tips.

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