6 Cities to Sashay Like the Fashionista You Are (Or Wish to Be)

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You travel with a minimum of four pairs of shoes, an evening cocktail outfit is always in your carry-on and you read street style blogs like it's your day job: you want to travel to a place where fashionistas are meant to be seen. (Or maybe you're not a full-blown fashionista yourself, but you're looking to be one, and you know perfectly well that it's always a good idea to surround yourself with inspiration.)

In honor of New York City's Fashion Week -- which kicks off today and struts through Feb. 13 -- here are six destinations for the aspiring as well as the full-blown fashionista. Pack your finest. Or just be ready to buy it.

1. New York City

While the Big Apple is a fashionista hub most of the year, for the chic and savvy there's no better time to go than during Fashion Week. Even if you can't make it into one of the big runway shows, there is plenty of stuff going on to keep you busy. And with the fashion crowds out in abundance, there is a whole lot of spectacular people watching. In search of ethical, eco-friendly fashion? There's that too, with shops like Kaight Shop and Coclico for the shoe lover. Little known fact: in the fashion district, many of the shops often offer samples and irregular items on discount.

2. Paris

What says fashionista more than black, black and more black? If you want to craft your European look, Paris is the place to be and be seen. Like New York City, during its fashion weeks (held semi-annual in the spring and fall) the city explodes with the fashion elite, but during the rest of the year you can come to soak up the general je ne sais quoi that every Parisian seems to so effortlessly master. Hit up the Parisian favorite Colette and many of the other fashionable shops on Rue St. Honore.

3. Los Angeles

Here you'll find the LA Fashion District: an entire 100 blocks devoted to fashion, a major hub of the West Coast fashion industry.For many years the fashion center of North America was in New York, but in the last decade Los Angeles has made a name for itself, attracting big designers and developing its own homegrown brands like Rodarte.

4. Tokyo

Fashion takes a different look in the Japanese capital. If you want quirky fashion, this city is the place. The clothing on the streets of districts like Harajuku and Shibuya has come to be well known around the world. What's on trend here is constantly changing.

5. Buenos Aires

Don't forget about the Southern hemisphere when it comes to fashion. Yes there's the Buenos Aires Fashion Week (Feb. 25-28) and if you like avant-garde fashion, this city shouldn't be missed. Check out the San Telmo neighborhood for vintage shopping, and Fabro for funky local designers.

6. Milan

No fashionista's travel list is complete without a visit to Milan. This Italian city is mecca for fashion after all. Armani, Gucci, Prada... they're all Italian. And then of course there is the much-watched Milan Fashion Week (Feb. 18-23), which draws fashionistas from around the world. Can't make it? That's ok, you can stream the shows live. And while you're visiting: a lot of the high end boutiques have cafes and bars, which means you can do double duty on dining and shopping.

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