Is This The Highest Flappy Bird Score So Far?

Competition is a great thing. The only reason we achieved a Flappy Bird score of 134 is because someone from Facebook posted an image of 125. That was all the fuel we needed. With this in mind, fellow Modojo reader Kshitiz Saini took things to a whole other level; thank you for letting us use this image.

Behold his Flappy Bird score of 185. Insane, right? Even crazier is the fact that he set this mark on a smartphone; using a tablet is much easier. Either he's the calmest gamer in the world, or he was shaking as the number grew from 80 to 100 to 150 and beyond. Either way, this is the highest Flappy Bird score we've seen, and we'll use it as motivation to hit 186, though considering he smashed our score by a whopping 51 points, this may prove impossible.
What's your Flappy Bird score? No hacks please.

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