GTA 5: 10 more Rockstar Verified Jobs available in GTA Online

Rockstar Games has just released a fresh batch of "Rockstar Verified" Jobs in Grand Theft Auto Online. As of right now, they should be available to play on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
For those unfamiliar, verified jobs are considered "the best community-created content" made with the recently released Content Creator tool. Though still labeled as a "beta" the Content tool provides players with some of the necessary developer tools for players to create their own Jobs (missions) and share it with the entire GTA Online community. As new Jobs get created by the community, Rockstar sifts through them and picks the best of the best share with the community.
Currently, players can create their own Races and Deathmatches. So far there have been 20 Verified Jobs; here are 10 more.

Beach Side Race - created by papa_salada
After a quick tour of the Vespucci Canals, motorbikes and ATVs can really open it up along the coastal road from Vespucci Beach North to the Pacific Bluffs in this Race.

Custom Freeway gymkhana - created by SaltedCracka
This short technical race around the docks features neat changes in elevation, a well-placed jump that fits perfectly with the flow of the race and some narrow, tricky turns that require deft use of the brake pedal.

From Weazel to Weazel - created by cionyes
This tour of Los Santos and Banham Canyon is a great example of how to place pickups in a GTA Race, and it's clear to see why even prior to Verification the race has been played nearly 2,000 times.

Rush Hour - created by YouStupidFatFuk
Choose your vehicle carefully as tight handling is required to navigate the twists and turns on this long tour of the Los Santos highways.

High Road - created by Spider-aka-Mr19
A thrilling and chaotic race that goes from Los Santos' town center up into the hills for some alternative agriculture before racing back to Hawick and a rendezvous with your friendly neighborhood "pharmacist".

The Pad of Death - created by DatBread
An anarchic Deathmatch down at the Los Santos docks filled with an arsenal of powerful weapons, explosives and grenades.

Horseback Hell - created by Misterbocs007
Items and pickups are grouped together close to spawn points and behind cover. These reload points encourage respawning players to immediately re-enter the fray, while players who have survived a firefight can retreat to this cover to restock before the next round.

Lodge Battle - created by Su-per-cat
There's certainly a slasher flick feel to the locale for this Deathmatch - an abandoned lodge in a remote forest. We recommend playing this one at night with the rain coming down for the full effect.

Woodbury - created by RussianConcussin
A small town in the Blaine County Wilderness has been fortified with barriers positioning one team as the conquering aggressor, and the other as the defiant defenders of their fortress.
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