Why The Wii U and the Vita Are The Consoles of the Future

What's your favorite console of all time?

There are the obvious candidates -- the PlayStation 2 served as the foundation for one of gaming's most fruitful eras, the SNES for its most formative, while the Xbox 360's protracted lifecycle ensures it's built a back catalog that will be fondly remembered for years to come -- as well as some more leftfield contenders.

I'm set on what my own personal preferences are: when it comes to handhelds, I can't think of a finer unit than the Neo Geo Pocket, its micro-switch control stick a perfectly tactile interface for SNK's brilliantly robust games. It's an incredible machine, retaining the sense of luxury that built the Neo Geo name despite the obvious limitations of the 16 colours its 256x256 screen was able to display.

For home consoles it's the Neo Geo Pocket's sometime partner the Dreamcast that's an obvious choice, and no doubt a common one. Sega's last serious piece of hardware saw it hit a brief purple patch as it poured all its resources into a machine ahead of its time, before the company found itself commercially -- and, it's sadly easy to argue, creatively -- spent. The legend of the Dreamcast was cemented by the likes of Ikaruga, Rez and Shenmue long before it shuffled off this mortal coil, and its legacy is kept keenly alive by fans today... keep reading at US Gamer.

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