Join Us For AOL Jobs Week 2014 - You Deserve To Love Your Job

road to new year 2014
Don't miss a moment of the excitement of Jobs Week from Feb. 10 - 14. This year promises more programming and useful takeaways than ever.

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The first email with a complete programming preview will go out this Sunday.

> We kick off with Sunday Night Live! a conversation with successful job seekers and those on the hunt. This special Google Hangout is at 9 pm Eastern. Watch the Replay of the Jobs Week Kick-Off Hangout.

Hold the time now for daily Lunchtime Live sessions from 12:30 pm to 1 pm Eastern.

> On Monday, we'll hear from even more people who have successfully landed new jobs.

> Tuesday brings Career Luck from J.T. O'Donnell

> Wednesday offers more advice for the way work is today.

> Thursday is your chance to talk with Donna Ballman, our employee advocate who also practices employment law.

> Friday is a 'love'ly wrapup with Working Mother and some families where moms are the chief breadwinners talking about new research into moms as breadwinners.

You Deserve To Love Your Job
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