GTA Online Microtransactions Meant to 'Create Great Experience' for Players

The in-game microtransactions in Grand Theft Auto Online are not meant to bleed the average gamer dry. Rather, Rockstar Games' decision to give players the ability to purchase in-game cash (GTA$) with real-life money is all in an effort to "delight consumers," according to parent company Take-Two Interactive.

A sensitive subject, many Grand Theft Auto 5 players have complained about the economy in GTA Online, particularly the game's microtransactions as many believe it's a simple cash grab. The argument is that items in GTA Online are made intentionally expensive as to encourage players to purchase GTA$ with real money. A series of nerfs to job payouts only furthered this belief.
Attempting to justify the game's microtransactions, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said the company's "primary goal is to delight consumers and create a great experience."

"As you know, GTA Online is a free to play experience and there is opportunities for recurrent consumer spending within the game, and no obligation of course," he said. "But we have sold in 32.5 million units of Grand Theft Auto 5. We have enjoyed an extraordinary economic result. But the starting point for that economic result is delighting consumers, giving them a fantastic experience. And that's our focus in GTA Online."

"And the reason...

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