5 Things We Want From Tomb Raider 2

Last Tuesday, Square Enix re-released their wildly popular Tomb Raiderreboot on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. While the Definitive Edition proved to be a great next-gen port, the overall package was essentially the same game from last year with a few graphical improvements to amp up the overall gameplay experience.

After having the opportunity to review both the regular and definitive edition versions of the game, I found both myself and others who were fixated on a few ways that Crystal Dynamics could improve the franchise moving forward. So without further ado, here is our list on 5 things that we want from Tomb Raider 2.

A Better Story

When Crystal Dynamics started working on this reboot a couple of year's ago, they made it very clear that they were working on an origin story focused on the humble beginnings of everyone's favorite female archaeologist. This approach essentially paid off as we were introduced to a much more vulnerable Lara before her full-fledged transformation into the hardened warrior that we all know and love today.

Now that Lara is fully in tune with her survivor mentality, we need to see those boundaries tested even further in Tomb Raider 2. Many can easily forgive the cheesy dialogue and weaknesses found throughout the origin story, but a sequel of the same quality is absolutely unacceptable. Crystal Dynamics should make this their top priority right out of the gates and deliver a Tomb Raider experience that easily outshines the first.

A Stronger Supporting Cast

Tomb Raider featured an ensemble of supporting characters that were deemed suitable but were never fully fleshed out to begin with. Given the studio's desire to make Lara the standout character, I fully understand this decision but still have some reservations about it.

Characters like Roth and Sam were essential to the story because they both played pivotal roles in Lara's life and transitional period. The same exact thing could be said about the crazed villain Mathias as his evil intentions also brought out the best in Lara. While these characters didn't fully live up to their true potential, I expect a much more refined and useful supporting cast the second time around...

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