Seattle Destroys Denver in the Super Bowl of Travel Destinations

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The Super Bowl is this Sunday, so time to break out the time-honored travel angle of comparing the two team's home cities. Sadly, in terms of travel destinations, it's no contest: Seattle almost shuts out Denver. Almost.


Remember Denver International Airport's ground-breaking baggage-handling system? "Construction costs of $186 million were compounded at the rate of $1 million a day for months through 1994, when the airport's opening was delayed by the baggage-handling failures. Millions more have been spent since in repairs and modifications," the New York Times reported. While the system was junked in 2005, the shame still lingers.

More recently, Denver's airport has been the focus of low-rent conspiracy theories about mass genocide and the New World Order.

Winner: Seattle


The Seattle area was the launching ground for grunge acts like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Denver's best-known musical association is with Bob Seger's "Get Out of Denver" -- a classic song for sure, but it's about leaving the city.

Winner: Seattle (but Pearl Jam's last 10 years make it closer than it should have been)


Seattle is in the Pacific Time Zone, the second most important one in the United States. Denver is in the Mountain Time Zone, best known for also containing Utah.

Winner: Seattle


Boeing was founded in Seattle. Denver is home to MapQuest's headquarters.

Winner: Denver (Possibly relevant fact: MapQuest is part of Aol, the very same website you're reading right now.)


Beyond contrived articles comparing the travel-worthiness of the two Super Bowl team's cities (hey that hurts, no wonder no one came to my birthday party), the travel media's found all sorts of fun angles for covering a sporting event.

Attention on Seattle has focused on Boeing painting a 747 in the Seahawk's colors and Air Alaska hosting a tailgate for Seahawks fans at 35,000 feet. Travel-related coverage on Denver has centered on Peyton Manning getting under center and yelling, "Omaha!" -- a city that is not Denver.

Winner: Seattle


The Denver area's altitude and climate make it ideal for skiing. Seattle's 201 cloudy days a year make it perfect for sitting inside and drinking.

Winner: Seattle


Seattle topped Denver in every freaking category save the one where Denver had a connection to Aol. If travel-related angles are a factor Sunday -- and, breaking, they probably won't be -- Seattle's going to win in a landslide.


This article's author hails from New England. Never, under any circumstance, would he suggest that a team that bested the Patriots (via Bill Belichick-confirmed dirtball tactics) or a squad starting one Peyton Manning would stand a chance of winning so much as a coin toss.

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