Tenants' Door Won't Close in Extreme Cold [Video]

shneka johnson home icicles

As if the cold outside isn't bad enough this winter, a family in northern Indiana has had to endure freezing temperatures inside as a door at their rented home has continually been forced open by the harsh weather. But the response from the landlord about fixing the problem has been chilly so far, reports a South Bend TV station.

A major problem at the house in South Bend says WBND, is that one of its entry doors won't close because its poorly insulated frame is jammed with ice. "About a week ago I woke up about 4:30 and it was extremely cold in the house so I got up and I walked back toward the kitchen and the back door was open," tenant Shneka Johnson, who shares the dwelling with her two young children, told the station. And the door has continued to be a problem since then, said her attorney.

Johnson told WBND that the landlord refused her plea for a remedy, and when the TV station called the number on Johnson's rental agreement, it reportedly was told that it was the wrong number. As seen in the station's video below, even though building code enforcement officers have inspected the property twice, any action by the landlord to fix the problem could be far off.

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