Nintendo Finally Makes A Move Towards Mobile Platforms

A few months ago, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was quite convincing in explaining why Nintendo should never abandon Hardware development and join the mobile craze. A few weeks ago, A few days ago, the company was forced to turn around its financial forecast from profit to loss.

There is nothing like a full year turned to the red to knock some sense into a company's management and make them rethink their fundamental decisions. As such, Nintendo has assured its investors that it is rethinking how to use mobile platforms to grow its business.

According to a Nikkei newspaper report translated by analyst Dr. Serkan Toto, Nintendo plans to launch a mobile initiative in 2014 where mobiles will be used to market its console games. As part of the new strategy, mobile app(s) will be used to deliver videos and news of Nintendo's new games to mobile users. The company is also open to releasing small playable versions of its console games. Those games will be free to act as demos to reel in players into purchasing the full games to play on Nintendo hardware.

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