Moby's Revenge Cheats And Tips

Even though some of its elements may seem rather unoriginal at first, Moby's Revenge is a strong entry in the endless runner genre, thanks to a variety of fun power-ups, simple but satisfying gameplay, and a look that will please gamers of all ages.

Here are some tips to help get you started in Moby's Revenge.

What does the Jellyheart power-up do in Moby's Revenge?

This power-up gives you an additional heart, which you can use to continue your run if you hit a net or some other object. To use it, simply tap on the heart icon as it appears on the bottom of the screen once your run is over. Your helpful Zen starfish will clear the screen, and you can continue on your way.

What does the Seahorse power-up do in Moby's Revenge?

Seahorse power-ups are scattered throughout each stage. By picking one up, you can clear the screen for the next few feet, including ships, helicopters and any other obstacles that are in your way. These can't be bought, so collect these as soon as you see them!

What does the Bubble Shield power-up do in Moby's Revenge?

The Bubble Shield provides you with an additional hit in the game, so if you come across something like a net or a missile, the shield will automatically disappear, but Moby will be unaffected. You can buy an additional one of these for 500 starfish in the Shop menu, in case you don't feel like getting one by chance.

How can I avoid the nets in Moby's Revenge?

As you proceed on your run, you'll come across ships that try to capture you in their nets. The goal is to look for the open hole in the netting - it's usually on top or in the middle. If you can get through the gap, you'll swim right through it and continue on your way. Otherwise, it'll stop Moby right in his tracks.

How does the Angry Whale power-up work in Moby's Revenge?

The Angry Whale, which you activate by picking up the red mist-looking power-up in the water, allows you to speed up for a few seconds, which means you can run right through obstacles with ease. However, watch out for when your character blinks, as that means he's about to revert back to normal. If you'd like, you can extend the time you have Angry Whale last in the Shop menu, starting at 800 starfish.

How does the Mutated Whale power-up work in Moby's Revenge?

Shaped like a toxic yellow drum, the Mutated Whale transforms Moby into a mutant two-headed whale for a few seconds, which enables him to run over everything in his path. Again, once he blinks, be prepared to change back. Like the Angry Whale, you can pay to make the Mutated Whale power-up last longer with a purchase of 1000 starfish to start.

How does the Happy Whale power-up work in Moby's Revenge?

Activated by picking up the purple spotted power-up, the Happy Whale automatically draws in starfish that are close to you for a few seconds at a time. However, it does not make you invincible, so be careful on your run! Watch for when your character blinks, as that means he's about to change back. You can visit the shop and pay 500 starfish at first if you want to exceed the time you have access to this power-up.

Do I need to pay for anything in Moby's Revenge?

Not really. The game does provide the option to buy starfish, but the fact is you'll earn enough currency on your runs to pay for power-ups right away. We cleaned up a thousand in our first three runs with ease, so they'll come pretty easily after that.

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