Candy Blast Mania: Valentine Cheats And Tips

TeamLava has just released a new Valentine-themed update for its puzzle game Candy Blast Mania, and it's a pretty sweet take on the established gameplay. Valentine offers a dozen new levels to take on, along with various challenges to overcome and a new accessory you can use to generate new puzzle pieces.

Here are some tips to help get you started with the game.

How do I use the Sprout Flower in Candy Blast Mania: Valentine?

The Sprout Flower spits out randomly-selected pieces of a particular color onto the game board once it's been activated. If you activate a red one, for instance, it'll spit out around five to six red gems onto the board.

Usually, sprout flowers are designed to produce the pieces required to complete the level. So it's important that you match up any nearby pieces in to activate them. It takes about two to three hits for the flower to grow - depending on its starting position - and once activated, it'll send the pieces flying.

If you can, keep an eye open for multiple Sprout Flowers in a level. That's a big hint that they'll be the key to getting more of the colored gems on the board, and completing your goal much more quickly.

How do I destroy Jawbreakers in Candy Blast Mania: Valentine?

Jawbreakers can be a real pain in the neck to remove from the board, as you can't switch other pieces around with them. Fortunately, they can be destroyed. Simple line up candy pieces in rows near the jawbreakers, and within about three hits, they'll be out of your way. If you can, try to match up candy pieces that are required to beat the level when you're breaking them. Nothing beats nailing two birds with one stone - or in this case, candy.

How do I eliminate goop from pieces in Candy Blast Mania: Valentine?

It's rather easy. While you can't move the goop pieces themselves, you can coordinate similarly colored candy pieces with them. Once they match up, you'll get rid of the goop, and the candy piece underneath can be moved once more.
How do I collect keys in Candy Blast Mania: Valentine?

Keys will help you unlock treasure chests that provide you with additional power-ups in each stage, such as the ability to stun the Gummi Bear King automatically in battle, or add extra turns to a round. You collect them by beating certain challenges on the board, such as eliminating enough goop from surrounding candy pieces, or creating power-ups by lining up four or more in elimination. Check the Challenges tab to see which keys are available for your collection.

How do I defeat the Gummi Bear King in Candy Blast Mania: Valentine?

The Gummi Bear King is a tyrannical type who throws out goop and Jawbreaker pieces at random. To throw him off, collect the required pieces highlighted to do damage to his health bar, before knocking him out for good. You can throw him for a loop by dizzying him, either by hitting multiple candy combos at once or utilizing the automatic dizzy power-up. This is useful, as it allows you to do damage to him while he can't fire back.

How do I use special floor tiles in Candy Blast Mania: Valentine?
Like the original Candy Blast Mania, these tiles are really good when it comes to multiplying the value of candies - making it easier to meet your overall goals - and eliminating rows.

Simply line up four or more candies in a straight shot, and special tiles will appear. Once you line up removable pieces over these tiles, the effects will take place, depending on the color of the tiles. Some, for example, will increase the value of candy pieces - including ones you need to collect, which can quickly add up - while others take out all the pieces in a row.

These tiles are particularly handy when it comes to the Candy Crazy round after you've met your goal. Here, you can add additional candy pieces to your tally, increasing your score and adding extra stars to your ranking. If you're competitive with your Facebook friends, both of these will be vital when it comes to moving you up the leaderboards.

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