Reap the Most Rewards Out of Loyalty Programs -- Savings Experiment

Organizing Your Rewards Programs
Organizing Your Rewards Programs

Signing up for rewards programs can lead to discounts, but losing track of your points means you're losing out on savings. Here are a few easy and free ways to manage your accounts.

If your key chain is full of little plastic cards, Key Ring is the app for you. You can download it to your smartphone for free and access barcodes and other memberships info, as well as digital coupons and the latest information on sales with just a few clicks.

The app also backs up all of your loyalty information onto a cloud server, so if you unfortunately lose your phone, you'll have everything saved for quick updating later.

Those of you who travel a lot will like the mileBlaster app, which keeps track of frequent flyer miles and hotel points. You can also get alerts to special miles and bonus offers from airlines, hotels and car rental companies you're connected to. The app lets you add multiple accounts, so you can track points and miles for your whole family, too.

With just a few downloads, you can toss any physical cards and still rake in the rewards -- without spending a dime.

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