Help Wanted: Queen of England Seeks a Maid

Fancy a glimpse into the inner sanctum of the Queen of England? Her Royal Majesty is advertising for a housekeeper and the full-time job pays 14,400 pounds, or about $24,000 a year. Duties include upkeep of antiques, caring for guests at Buckingham Palace and cleaning.

Must be willing to work away from London for about three weeks a year.

The queen is looking for all those "can do" soft skills – a team focus, enthusiasm, initiative, hard work, flexibility and positive attitude. Deadline to apply is Feb. 9.

The British government recently asked the royal family to cut back on spending and said it is down to its last $1.6 million in reserve. According to Today, that number was 30 times higher just a decade ago.

Other openings on the Royal Household search engine include summer warden of Windsor Castle at about $12/hour or year-long maternity fill as a records manager for $46,000 per year.

Search for housekeeping jobs on this side of the pond.
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