Help! My Employer Is Making Me Work Overtime Off The Books. What Do I Do?

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This question from a reader reflects an all too common situation that many hourly workers face:

Hello. I was reading an article 10 Tricks Employers Use To Cheat Workers Out Of Their Overtime. Here's my problem. My fiancée works at a restaurant, and she recently received a raise from $9/hr to $12/hr. But the owner asked her to take her overtime off the books. The first 2 weeks went by without a hitch, but over the past month, her OT has been short. The past week, she worked 10 hours OT, and received $90, which not only is less than the $18/hr that she is entitled, but he gave her less than her normal 12/hr. He claims that he can't afford to pay her overtime. What should we do? She's clocked in for every minute that she's there, and gets a little slip every time she punches out, but the owner still cuts her a check for usually 38 or 39 hrs, and gives her whatever he pleases in regard to her OT. What can we do?