Uncle Sam Will Pay $3,000 To Give You The Flu

If you've got some time on your hands and a willing disposition, the federal government wants to give you the flu in exchange for $3,000. The National Institutes of Health has issued a call for test subjects to get a live dose of flu virus straight up their noses, the Associated Press reports.

Dr. Matthew Memoli, who is leading the human challenge study, says volunteers who are healthy and no older than 50 are eligible to participate. It's all in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of how the body fights influenza, stage by stage.

Participants must agree to spend at least nine days quarantined in a special isolation ward at the NIH hospital until they are shown to be non-contagious. Memoli says it's hoped scientists can study younger people to create more effective flu vaccines to help the most vulnerable elderly population.

One 26-year-old test participant said he passed his flu time studying, watching TV and playing games.

As has been reported by AOL Jobs sister site Daily Finance, The National Institutes of Health has 300 studies that need volunteers. You can find more by searching for 'medical test volunteers' online.
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