Yoshi's New Island is Having an Identity Crisis

1995's Yoshi's Island stands as one of the most lovingly crafted, content-rich games Nintendo's ever produced-but with the way it's been treated over the past two decades, you'd never have guessed.

Even though Nintendo's released plenty of 2D platformers in the wake of Yoshi's Island, the game still feels like the logical conclusion of classic Mario action-and with their 3D-focused system right around the corner at the time of development, it very well might have been. Despite its critical acclaim and place within a very popular franchise, though, Yoshi's Island has been conspicuously absent from the last seven years of Nintendo's combined Virtual Console services, though 3DS Ambassadors were given access to a compromised Game Boy Advance port that remains unavailable to more recent adopters.

My point with all of this preambling? If you're going to revisit Yoshi's Island while continuing to keep the original out of reach, by god, you'd better do it right.

So, in a way, it's refreshing to see Yoshi's New Island take such a conservative approach, seeing as the original didn't leave much to improve upon. The misguided DS sequel took the opposite strategy by cluttering up the original design with added characters and spreading its action clumsily across two screens-in comparison, Yoshi's New Island feels like a by-the-book remake. But if you're thinking Yoshi's New Island plays with expectations a la A Link Between World's reworking of its own SNES predecessor, think again...

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