Rockstar Bans Several Gamers On GTA V Online

Rockstar's hit title at the current moment is finding fewer and fewer players online. If you've been modding or hacking on Grand Theft Auto V Online, then chances are you've been banned. The development team is serious about keeping the online gameplay equal for all, so they've started their search for anyone who may be fraudulent during online gameplay. Turns out that if you tamper with the code at all, it's enough to get you banned from online gameplay.

Gamers may get banned from online gameplay but that won't affect single-player campaign or future DLC. The ban is using an IP or Mac address, so creating new accounts or swapping out your console won't be a fix to get back online. If your account has been banned you'll likely receive the following message online:

"SC Admin Console Ban Report

This is an automated message from Rockstar Games to inform you that your account has been flagged for violating our Online Features Code of Conduct and/or EULA, found here:

- Conduct | Rockstar Games
- End User License Agreement | Rockstar Games

Accounts can become flagged as a result of automated statistical analysis or manual review of evidence for violations such as modding, hacking, exploiting or abusing game mechanics, or otherwise interfering with other players' gameplay experience. Some actions taken in response to these flags may result in restrictions on functionality in GTA Online, such as a muted microphone, restrictions on UGC creation, or being restricted to the Cheater or Bad Sport Pools for matchmaking. Repeated flags will result in longer and more restrictive penalties and we may permanently restrict your ability to access GTA Online. Certain actions, such as ISO/Memory modding or selling accounts may result in an immediate permanent ban.

Ban Period: Permanent

Please note that this is a no-reply email address."

We're unsure of how many players have been banned quite yet but from the reports made online, Rockstar isn't messing around. Have you been banned on GTA Online? Let us know in the comments.

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