North Korea Allows 360-Degree Street Views; They Look Lovely

Juche Tower, Pyongyang
Getty Images/Flickr RM
North Korea's government granted Singaporean photographer Aram Pan rare access to shoot Google Street-like 360-degree panoramic photographs of the country. Well, some of the nation anyway.

As part of his DPRK 360 project, Pan has posted 22 panoramic photos (with more on the way), which he says are "the world's first collection of 360-degree panoramas of North Korea. Included are shots of the Juche Tower (pictured at the beginning of this article, via a stock image), Arirang Mass Games and Chongsan-ri Cooperative Farm. Not photographed: Dennis Rodman.

Of the project, Pan wrote on his website,

The DPRK 360 project is an independent project that aims to showcase the many aspects of DPRK (a.k.a. North Korea) through photography. All attempts will be made so as not address any past, present or future political issues that may be sensitive. The purpose of this project is to encourage understanding of the country and uncover the mysteries that lay hidden. Through better understanding, fear can be removed and friendships can be made. Most of the images will not undergo any instagram, lomo or artistic filters to make them moody or emotional. There will also be interactive 360 degree panoramic images of places across the DPRK.

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