Make Free Calls and Reduce Your Cell Phone Plan -- Savings Experiment

Did You Know: Free Cell Phone Minutes
Did You Know: Free Cell Phone Minutes

You might be paying for cell phone minutes you don't need. By the same token, if you're exceeding your monthly plan, overtime minutes don't come cheap. Here's how to save on phone calls.

Nowadays, there's software that allows you to speak to your friends over the computer, just as if you were calling them on your phone. The technology is also available in the form of apps for your smartphone. Simply make sure you're connected to WiFi and you can make calls for free.

The Facebook Messenger app lets you to make free calls in the U.S., while Skype is great for international calls. If you want something with both options, try Viber, which offers text and talk capabilities.

Use these apps to make calls and you'll begin to see your unused minutes increase. Eventually, you may be able to switch to a cheaper plan with less monthly minutes, dialing in to maximum savings.

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