After Update, Some GTA 5 Users Are Reporting Missing Money

The latest update to Grand Theft Auto 5 was designed to address the rampant problem of "dirty" money floating around GTA Online, the game's online multiplayer mode; however, it appears the patch has caused more issues with players seemingly playing the game clean. A number of users have reported that their cash has been taken from them, even if they purchased it with real cash through microtransactions via the in-game store.

Some users claim that they never asked for nor received modded money and yet their cash was still taken from them. At this point, it's unclear which of the dozens of claims are valid, but Rockstar's Twitter is littered with complaints from players.

As previously explained by Rockstar, the developer is "taking aim" at cheaters in GTA Online. Apparently, a "small number" of players have been exploiting the game by "generating and distributing game-breaking amounts of in-game cash." The latest update, released last week, was designed to remove this "modded" cash from the game...

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