Xbox 1 vs PS4: Online hate 'needs to go away,' says Major Nelson

The whole Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 argument -- and which console is superior -- needs to end. Shortly after NPD Group's report that Xbox One outsold the PS4 in the United States for December 2013, Microsoft frontman Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb took to Reddit not to boast about his company's console sales, but to put an end to the hatred that exists amongst gamers on opposite gaming sides.

"Both new platforms are off to a great start," Hryb said. "We should be celebrating a healthy vibrant industry."

"Sony has done a good job and they should be commended," he offered. "The hate that infects gaming in the online space needs to go away."

Well said, Hryb. Since the reveal of both the PS4 and Xbox One, the internet has been enamored with which console is more superior. It's an argument based solely on opinion as both consoles are similarly specced, but it's one that results in hateful comments spewed on the internet, in forums and on threads. While media undoubtedly fuels the fanboy flames, both Microsoft and Sony have taken shots at each other in the past...

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